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Exercise like your life depends on it

I’ve been taking my morning walks before going to work since Tuesday. I feel the need to do this daily as I am working long hours. I find that walking gives me time for myself to think, feel and live. I feel great after every run. I am grateful that my body is responding positively

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Taking a morning walk without a phone

It is a freeing feeling not to need to bring a phone while taking a walk. I feel so relaxed, not thinking about anything. It’s also great to focus on the sensations like warmth from the sun to your skin, the sweat slowly forming above your head and the brisk steps you take. In our

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How To Live Below Your Means?

There are various benefits of living below your means. You can save up for your future faster when you commit to it. You can also buy the properties you have been dreaming about. You can feel secured in times of crisis when you have more than enough that is saved up. You can also earn

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