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When you can’t sleep

There are various reason. Maybe I was just overworking myself. Maybe I was overthinking about my present life situation. These thoughts leads me to discontentment. I know that I am so blessed in this lifetime yet I don’t appreciate enough the blessings that I have each day. I should recognize that this situation will get

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Drinking Lemon Juice for Fever

I haven’t been well in the past three days. I was going home earlier compared to my colleagues. I usually go home at 9pm but because of the weakness and sickness I went home at 6pm today. My fever was ranging from 37.1-37.6°C My coworkers have cough and sore throat too. One of my coworker

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What to do when you are tired?

1. Sleep. Try to sleep as long as you could. Last night I slept around midnight and woke up at 9am. 2. Eat I ate breakfast, lunch and snacks in a bigger portion. Eating can boost your energy and replenish the vitamins that you needed in your body. 3. Sleep some more Sleeping in the

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