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Taking a morning walk without a phone

It is a freeing feeling not to need to bring a phone while taking a walk. I feel so relaxed, not thinking about anything. It’s also great to focus on the sensations like warmth from the sun to your skin, the sweat slowly forming above your head and the brisk steps you take. In our

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Singing while Writing

Where do you find inspiration when you need to write? Do you find inspiration in the process of writing itself? As I write this blog I am also playing some songs. I also enjoyed singing while writing a blog. At some point, I will stop to sing a part of the song. Sometimes, I will

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What to do when people made you feel less than?

People can intentionally or unintentionally make you feel less than them. They can point out your mistakes and broadcast it to everyone around you. You may feel small and in need of some deep breathing techniques. The motivational audios you listen to in the morning might be so distant when you face someone who makes

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