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How long should a blog post be?

As I read the blogs of others, I found myself enjoying the short blog posts. Sometimes I found myself liking the blog of another person who posted with a quotation. The quotation may also be combined with an amazing photo. Pictures can paint words, that’s why even with only a short quotation I already appreciate

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How to blog while working full time?

It can be painful to blog while working full time. It’s physical pain mostly. The time of your day is spent on your job. There are only a few breaks, because tremendous papers are ahead of you. You know that transactions must be done and the perks of the full hour lunch is so distant.

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Do you need an audience if you want to start a blog?

You shouldn’t rely on having an audience to decide whether you will start a blog or not. Also you don’t need to rely on having an audience to decide whether to continue blogging or not. If you are a beginner blogger or wanting to be one, it can be a challenge to write something knowing

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