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How to Not Compare Yourself To Anyone?

1. Live your life in your own terms Don’t let time to pass by. Conquer your fears and do what you thought you can’t do. Start your own blog. Put up your dream business. Do your job and excel in your career. Pick up on your hobbies and do what makes you passionate. Try different

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What I stopped doing?

1. I stopped talking bad about other people. When someone doesn’t treat you right, it’s easy to talk bad about them. It takes practice to control yourself from letting someone’s actions to affect you. I am grateful that I stopped gossiping or participating in any form to tell something bad about another person. It feels

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Not saying a word when someone discredit your work

I learned that you cannot please people all the time. You cannot perform like a robot and deliver a perfectly fine work. We are all human. We can’t please people who decided that they are not for us. I am happy that I had reached this point in my life where I can keep my

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