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Putting things in Perspective

There are goals that can be a distant memory for the moment. You strive for it for years but you don’t see the point of pursuing it now. You don’t see where it will go if you put another sum of money in pursuit of the dream. It may be attractive to you to try

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What is the best advice that you can give to a young adult in just one sentence?

Take courage to pursue your dreams. This is the best advice I can give you. No matter what you feel now, how discouraging it may seem, how unfair your life has been still stand up and take courage to pursue your dreams. You might hear discouraging words from people closest to you, but you need

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How to Set Goals in Your Life?

Years ago, I read a book about changing your standards in life. It is a book of Tony Robbins, “Awaken the Giant Within”. If we can only raise our standards, we would not settle on things or events that come our way. We would wait; we would work on the things and events that we

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