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Do you need an audience if you want to start a blog?

You shouldn’t rely on having an audience to decide whether you will start a blog or not. Also you don’t need to rely on having an audience to decide whether to continue blogging or not. If you are a beginner blogger or wanting to be one, it can be a challenge to write something knowing

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11 Blog Topics To Publish

As a beginner blogger, I listed the blog topics that I want to write about. 1. Books I always write a summary of any book that I finished reading. It would be great to share what I learned and also recommend some of the really helpful ones. I am reading a financial related ebook since

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Why Do You Need a Blog?

1. Blogging takes away your time from negative self talk. It is the main reason why I love blogging. It distracts you from your own negative thoughts. You will be spending hours of your day polishing your post. And if you are a beginner blogger, most of your free time will be spent editing your

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