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Watching videos to stay fit

With the many videos online that discuss about the exercises you can do at home, you can choose from various uploads. I can see the need to subscribe to a video creator that tackles about fitness. It can be yoga, taichi, running, or anything that can help me to have a fit and healthier body.

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How to Stop living from Paycheck to Paycheck

This can be your situation right now. You are going to work each day and spending your hard earned money and find yourself each month barely surviving financially. No amount of budgeting can help you if you don’t follow the plan. You need to plan on saving your money once you received a paycheck. This

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What keeps you going?

It may seem that this life is pointless. You cannot control what will happen to you in your daily life. You may feel like walking blindly in the darkness. You can only control your actions, thoughts and routines. Life has its ups, downs, joys, sorrows, victory and failures. Many people let life to pass them

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