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How to blog while working full time?

It can be painful to blog while working full time. It’s physical pain mostly. The time of your day is spent on your job. There are only a few breaks, because tremendous papers are ahead of you. You know that transactions must be done and the perks of the full hour lunch is so distant.

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Why Do You Need a Blog?

1. Blogging takes away your time from negative self talk. It is the main reason why I love blogging. It distracts you from your own negative thoughts. You will be spending hours of your day polishing your post. And if you are a beginner blogger, most of your free time will be spent editing your

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What to do when you are tired?

1. Sleep. Try to sleep as long as you could. Last night I slept around midnight and woke up at 9am. 2. Eat I ate breakfast, lunch and snacks in a bigger portion. Eating can boost your energy and replenish the vitamins that you needed in your body. 3. Sleep some more Sleeping in the

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