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Now that I am

Now that I am at this age, I feel like my problems were different than when I was still a student. When I was young, I was struggling proving to myself that I could pass the quizzes at school. This time that I have been working for more than two years, I felt like the

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When Nothing Goes On Your Way and You Feel Lost in Life

There are many challenges you could face throughout your life. A job could be pack with problems that you need to solve daily. People around you might not be as helpful as they can be, even waste your time by giving you wrong data intentionally or not. It can be toxic relationship and environment. You

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What to do when you are tired?

1. Sleep. Try to sleep as long as you could. Last night I slept around midnight and woke up at 9am. 2. Eat I ate breakfast, lunch and snacks in a bigger portion. Eating can boost your energy and replenish the vitamins that you needed in your body. 3. Sleep some more Sleeping in the

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Not saying a word when someone discredit your work

I learned that you cannot please people all the time. You cannot perform like a robot and deliver a perfectly fine work. We are all human. We can’t please people who decided that they are not for us. I am happy that I had reached this point in my life where I can keep my

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