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15 minutes of walking, 10 minutes jogging and 20 minute workout last Wednesday morning!

I woke up to my alarm last Wednesday at 5am. I fell asleep at 3am as I can’t sleep due to having a nap last Tuesday afternoon which lasted for 3 hours! No matter what I feel, I still continued my plan of working out on Wednesday of the week! Even I only fell asleep

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Drinking Red Wine

I love drinking juice in each meal. It can be orange, coconut or pineapple juice. In my breakfast, I drink milk. In the afternoon I drink chocolate drinks. When I am recovering from sickness, I drink energy drinks. There are alot of drinks and beverages to choose from. I drink red wine twice every three

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Waking up before 5am

I slept at 10pm last night and it’s a big change for me. Normally I will not sleep unless it’s midnight. With my long work hours, I want to live my life extra more hours after work. But then this isn’t good for my health. This is the reason why I want to change my

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