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Spending Time At Home during Pandemic

Since it is pandemic, it’s difficult to travel to and from anywhere. I am grateful for my work during these tough times. This blessing also comes with challenges. I almost spend a month away from home so that I can go to work during weekdays. I wasn’t able to go home on weekends due to

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How to Not Let Negative Remarks to Affect You?

Some people will give their opinions about you without you asking them. That is called unsolicited opinion. You already had too much negative self talk to deal with so it’s better to not let these negative remarks to affect you. When you face this unnecessary situation, you can just keep your mouth shut and stay

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What to Do on Weekends?

We are still facing the challenges brought about by the pandemic. We can feel isolated due to restrictions in gathering in public. We can also feel immobile due to lack of public transportation in the country. Many were forced to retire early. Others became unemployed and was forced to find ways on how to earn

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