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What are the benefits of using images in a blog post?

1. It makes the blog pretty 2. It brings color to your blog 3. It helps to visualize the written words 4. It opens up new ideas 5. It helps to understand the texts better 6. It gives more meaning 7. It connects and brings more engagement from the readers

How long should a blog post be?

As I read the blogs of others, I found myself enjoying the short blog posts. Sometimes I found myself liking the blog of another person who posted with a quotation. The quotation may also be combined with an amazing photo. Pictures can paint words, that’s why even with only a short quotation I already appreciate

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How to Plan Your Blog Posts for 7 Days?

You might have a lot of ideas that are messing in your head. You need a plan to successfully put a blog to publish. You might end up having alot of drafts if you don’t find time to plan. Planning should be the first step before writing a paragraph. You should plan on what topic

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How much time per day do you spend writing content for your website?

Writing for a blog can be tough when you are juggling full time job and taking care of yourself. You might be in a different situation and add taking care of a family of five. You may have several roles in life. You can be operating a business while fulfilling your dreams as a blogger.

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