Life update

It’s weekends. I woke up at 6am take a breakfast at 7am then got back to sleep at 8:30am I woke up again at 11:30am then ordered for lunch and ate at 12:30 pm. I will go out today and buy some bread. When I got back home I’ll do some encoding in my laptop

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I went jogging today

I am glad that I refused alot of excuses and just start jogging as I wake up this morning. I ate a banana and some bread today before I went outside. Jogged for more than 30 minutes and felt good after. The sun shines brightly today and I am happy to get some warmth from

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Starting September the right way

It is already 8 months after the new year but I felt that this is the first month of my year. I’ve been through alot of struggles and more on procrastination as you can see how I haven’t post alot in this blog, the same goes through with my life, I haven’t done alot with

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Starting over

It’s difficult when you encounter a series of failures. It can be failing to take good care of your health. It can be failures in performing your work well. It can be failure in accepting challenges and changes. There are different experiences we can have in this life. Failing at most parts of our life

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When you are at a low point in your life

When nothing seems to be going right. When you feel that your abilities weren’t at par. When all the dreams you had seems so distant. When your goals doesn’t match with what you were pursuing right now. There will be times when what you feel doesn’t matter with what you are tasked to do. When

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Now that I am

Now that I am at this age, I feel like my problems were different than when I was still a student. When I was young, I was struggling proving to myself that I could pass the quizzes at school. This time that I have been working for more than two years, I felt like the

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If you ever feel down, clean your room.

The past days I have colds and slight cough. My energy is at its lowest. I do some stretches in the morning to feel normal but still I felt so weak. Last Tuesday I barely had sleep. Yesterday I sleep long hours like 9pm – 6am! Today I feel restless so I decided to use

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Shadows in the Dark

I didn’t noticed how dark the home I was in until I stop and stared at the lights coming from the outside. Maybe this is what people go through no matter what age bracket they are in. People always had this dark environment and only when you focus on the light will you remember how

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Being reborn every October 31st

I always feel this way when it’s the end of October. It’s like a fresh start of something in all aspects of my life. I’ve been through a lot in my perspective and I won’t change a thing about any of that. I was continuously thinking yesterday if I had a rough childhood but nothing

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I haven’t posted a blog last September

I am surprised that I haven’t posted a blog for a whole month of September. There are just so many things I need to do at work and mostly I spent my weekends with my family. I haven’t checked on anything in this blog for a month. I also noticed that I am changing in

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