What Matters in Life?

There can be a lot of things inside your home. A lot of things can mean clutter. It can also mean garbage. It can mean valuable things for you. It can be things you can find hard to let go of. Letting go can be difficult especially if you haven’t figured out yourself. It can

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Update about this blog and my life!

The past week I planned to post every Tuesday and Thursday. But life takes you to places you never knew would happen. It takes turns and makes you jump on each obstacle so that you can pass through it. I have been through challenges these past three weeks and until to this day. The first

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Life this Pandemic

It has been more than a year since the restrictions started. Its a long time to see the changes happen in this world. I haven’t seen my family for almost a month since I am working more than 90 kilometers away from home. I also don’t want to take risk on seeing my family at

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Things I learned While Living Alone

In this time of pandemic, most of us might prefer to stay at home. It would be nice to be at home with family members but there will be instances when you need to stay at home alone. Like in my situation, I am working 90 kilometers away from home. The type of work I

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I created a schedule for my days!

Monday- listen to an audio book Tuesday- publish a blog Wednesday- workout Thursday- publish a blog Friday- listen to an audio book Saturday- workout Sunday- pray I needed to make a schedule so that I had something to look forward to each day. When I don’t have a schedule set for myself I end up

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Listening to Audio Books on YouTube

I started to listen to an audio book last Saturday. In the previous years, I have been reading books through my eyes and the idea of purely listening to someone read the contents of the book for me isn’t so natural for me. Due to lack of time, I wanted to give listening to a

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Not using my phone 1 hour after I wake up

I have been doing this for two consecutive days now. I noticed that as soon as I wake up I was using my phone and searching for the new songs 2021 on Youtube. I was also mindless scrolling on Facebook because my phone has split screen feature. I can listen to songs while scrolling on

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20 minute full body workout

I wake up at 5:45 am without an alarm set for it. I was able to sleep at around 11pm. I was meaning to have a full body workout for a long time now. This is the day that I actually do it. I’m happy that I took the step to have this workout today.

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Enjoying Good Old Music

I’ve been having too many questions on my mind lately. The dissatisfaction in various areas of my life isn’t going away as much as I would like to. This resulted to lesser sleep as I can only sleep at 12 midnight or most of the time at 2 am in the morning. I know this

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