Disappointments and worrying

I am feeling a series of disappointments with myself since I can’t do what I am supposed to do at work due to lack of experience that results to extended work hours devoted for a simple work. People around me doesn’t understand what I am going through each day and it adds to more disappointments

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The wonders of love

It’s been a month since I had my love. It’s wonderful in all ways. I’ve been so happy and energetic and so secured. I feel so secured that I feel so confident in all that pertains to loving someone. It’s amazing to feel this way. Just loving another person as much as you love yourself.

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Calming Myself

It’s a struggle whenever I face changes in my life. I feel a different kind of nervousness and uneasiness. It’s too hard to not think about what will happen in the next few days. I try to play a mobile game on my phone but still it doesn’t give me any calmness. I also tried

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Renewing My Domain and WordPress Hosting

It has been 11 months since I started this blog. There has been so many ups and downs along the way. I tried blogging daily then I tried blogging weekly, monthly and suddenly I blog whenever I just felt like blogging. Actually when I first created this blog site, I want an outlet to share

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Changing my hair color

Before the Christmas Eve, I wrote on a sticky note, “change your life, change your actions.” I’ve been scared about something all my life. I’ve been this way since I was a child. I wanted to try new things but I was scared to do that thing and just back off all the time. As

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Starting over

It’s difficult when you encounter a series of failures. It can be failing to take good care of your health. It can be failures in performing your work well. It can be failure in accepting challenges and changes. There are different experiences we can have in this life. Failing at most parts of our life

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When you are at a low point in your life

When nothing seems to be going right. When you feel that your abilities weren’t at par. When all the dreams you had seems so distant. When your goals doesn’t match with what you were pursuing right now. There will be times when what you feel doesn’t matter with what you are tasked to do. When

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Now that I am

Now that I am at this age, I feel like my problems were different than when I was still a student. When I was young, I was struggling proving to myself that I could pass the quizzes at school. This time that I have been working for more than two years, I felt like the

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