Opinions about life

Can you take a full stop and stare at the white clouds in a blue sky on a sunny day? How amazing it is to watch these bright lights from the sun? You can feel the warmth that the wind brings. You can see the green leaves of trees swaying along with the direction of

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Sleeping on weekends

I have a job that is three hour drive from my home. There are times that I won’t go home on weekends due to not wanting to be a hassle in my family members to pick me up from my boarding house to my home on Saturday and bringing me back again on a Monday.

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Being energetic at work

The work that we have might be so overwhelming. It may feel like 3-5 people must be hired to do all the work you do for a day. But sometimes you just need to get things done and never look back. Do what you can while being in the present moment. Take each day as

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When you can’t sleep

There are various reason. Maybe I was just overworking myself. Maybe I was overthinking about my present life situation. These thoughts leads me to discontentment. I know that I am so blessed in this lifetime yet I don’t appreciate enough the blessings that I have each day. I should recognize that this situation will get

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Self care

When we work all day till midnight, self care disappears in the picture. Its important to put a stop and clear your mind from unnecessary thoughts. It is a must for me to clean my room and surroundings. I feel that whenever I make time for this, I am a step closer to inner peace.

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What are you grateful for?

As I prepare myself to sleep, I like to acknowledge every single thing that I am grateful for. 1. Blanket and bed to sleep on. 2. Water to drink and water in the bathroom and sink. 3. House to stay every weekend. 4. Electricity and the appliances in my room. 5. My family who are

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What can you do to change your life?

Write the things you can do to improve your life in the span of 6 months. Doing this is so powerful because you are putting it in perspective. You are writing the goals that you want to accomplish. The next thing you need to do is to plan the steps you will take. For example,

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Torn between savings and investing

I’ve been seeing a decline in the stock market. It is a great time to invest money but then I feel like I need to save more money because the pandemic isn’t going away too soon. There are many aspects that I need to consider. I was also thinking if I should use my money

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