10 Things I Learned While Having Sickness

I didn’t appreciate my good health when I had it. I was working from 8am till 9pm every Monday till Friday. I didn’t appreciate the endurance I had to work with the consistent long hours. I didn’t appreciate the health I had and didn’t put enough effort to maintain it. I need to invest in

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Drinking Lemon Juice for Fever

I haven’t been well in the past three days. I was going home earlier compared to my colleagues. I usually go home at 9pm but because of the weakness and sickness I went home at 6pm today. My fever was ranging from 37.1-37.6°C My coworkers have cough and sore throat too. One of my coworker

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Exercise like your life depends on it

I’ve been taking my morning walks before going to work since Tuesday. I feel the need to do this daily as I am working long hours. I find that walking gives me time for myself to think, feel and live. I feel great after every run. I am grateful that my body is responding positively

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Drinking Red Wine

I love drinking juice in each meal. It can be orange, coconut or pineapple juice. In my breakfast, I drink milk. In the afternoon I drink chocolate drinks. When I am recovering from sickness, I drink energy drinks. There are alot of drinks and beverages to choose from. I drink red wine twice every three

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Managing your finances

I’ve been having a hard time today whether I will buy a couple thousands of shares in a mutual fund or invest in individual stocks. I am having a hard time because I am not investing regularly. I am trying to get the right timing in the market. I want to buy when the prices

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Blogging and Sleep

Last night I came home at 9pm. I took a phone call with my family till 9:30am. Then I go to bed at 10pm. I didn’t fell asleep until 10:45pm. I was tempted to blog last night but I think about my sleep schedule. I want to continue taking a walk before going to work

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Waking up before 5am

I slept at 10pm last night and it’s a big change for me. Normally I will not sleep unless it’s midnight. With my long work hours, I want to live my life extra more hours after work. But then this isn’t good for my health. This is the reason why I want to change my

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Sleeping at 10pm

The past weeks, I’ve been sleeping at 2am. There were times I was able to sleep at 3:30am. This is a messed up sleeping routine. I wake up at 6am and 7am. It was a source of negative energy throughout the day. This weekend I was able to go home and I was able to

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Taking a morning walk without a phone

It is a freeing feeling not to need to bring a phone while taking a walk. I feel so relaxed, not thinking about anything. It’s also great to focus on the sensations like warmth from the sun to your skin, the sweat slowly forming above your head and the brisk steps you take. In our

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When you don’t like to write today

There will be days that you just don’t feel like writing anything. It can be due to emotional ups and downs. It can be lack of inspiration. There are different reasons why you can’t or wouldn’t want to write today. You can do other things instead of forcing yourself to write today! Read a book

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