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How to Not Take Things Personally?

There will be times that people will give their opinions on how you do certain things. They will point out the way you look or how you carry yourself. Some will manage to give their comments on the clothes you wear. These opinions can be good or unnecessary, depending on your relationship with the one

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How to Not Compare Yourself To Anyone?

1. Live your life in your own terms Don’t let time to pass by. Conquer your fears and do what you thought you can’t do. Start your own blog. Put up your dream business. Do your job and excel in your career. Pick up on your hobbies and do what makes you passionate. Try different

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How Do I Invest this Pandemic?

This start of a decade has been a big change for everyone. From losing their jobs to losing their family members, tragic events for most people. The investments of people that they contributed on for several years shrink their value in a matter of months. Despite the fears about losing money in investing during pandemic,

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