What I learned in my previous relationship?

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I learned alot.

I loved alot.

I have been hurt alot.

I have been happy alot.

There are too much emotions that after months passed, we both couldn’t sustain that same energy we have been at the early stages of the relationship.

I would like to reach out to those who was suffering silently from their own heartbreak.

Sometimes you still love one person but they would choose to leave you.

There are no excuse to erase that kind of pain you have in your heart. Every time you close your eyes, all you can see is the good memories from that relationship. You blinded yourself to their flaws, not so good treatment to you and you lowered your standards to make them your ideal person as you thought you were both perfect fit for each other.

Every heartbreak really hurts alot. Whether someone just left you hanging without saying goodbye or someone told you they will leave you and you both had that mutual decision to stop the relationship or someone still leave you after you plead them not to break up with you.

All we want is lasting relationship but it seems one in a million.

There are many factors why a person just woke up that morning wanting to break up with you. There won’t be warning signs you can grasp to read the mind of the person you are with.

The breakup is definitely painful, it’s like someone rejected you to be a part of their life romantically, and basically all the “I love you” thrown back and forth before were all meaningless words. It’s like you never fallen for each other in the first place.

Now I know why there is a song titled “Foolish Hearts”.

It sucks to end a relationship the same way you can feel if you are the one being dumped by your loved one.

The coldness can be suffocating. You were both online in an app but you won’t say a word to each other. The last question you sent to him was left on seen. How rude that can be?

He didn’t want a single word with you anymore and you shouldn’t push someone or force someone to love you the way you do.

All I want to do now is improve my health as it has affected my physical health. The pain emotionally that I felt transcends into physical pain. I took a 4 day leave at work and it kinda help me regain my strength physically.

It’s tiring to love actually. I hope that I could love again without these tiredness that I felt from my previous relationships.

I will try to focus myself on physical health and be happy with where I am in this life.

I will place my time in blogging and working and I know I can heal well with time.

Loving can hurt you so choose who you will have a relationship with wisely. Not because someone finds you attractive, they will match your life and personality as a whole being.

Choose someone who will love you in the difficult times. Choose someone who will love you till the end of times.

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