Disappointments and worrying

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I am feeling a series of disappointments with myself since I can’t do what I am supposed to do at work due to lack of experience that results to extended work hours devoted for a simple work.

People around me doesn’t understand what I am going through each day and it adds to more disappointments that I feel about myself.

Simple tasks that I can’t perform right. Things also play backs on my mind and I feel guilty that I didn’t do my job well daily.

This feeling is sucking up my headspace and was draining my energy as I travel back to my way home this Holy Thursday.

I feel like I am a child at work who doesn’t know anything.

I know I should be kinder to myself since no one shows kindness to me or tries to understand how I feel about working.

I also need to remind myself that life is short and my individuality doesn’t solely depend on how good or bad I work at the office. I have my other roles in life like being a child of my parents, a friend and a loved one.

I need to stay calm so I can get more things done.

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