Important things to do when you are at a low point in your life

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1. Go out

It’s easy to lay on bed and sulk in all the negative emotions but you need to get out of your room.

Breathe the fresh air outside. Look up in the stars on a dark night. Feel the cold air as you watch those stars in the sky.

See the light on the streets and the passersby as they go on their life.

2. Watch a movie

Have a good movie day. This will be the day you will be able to cry easily as you can relate to the movie characters more as they are undergoing problems just like you.

Also take your time to fully enjoy the movie that you are watching. Live as if time is running out.

3. Watch the views while you travel

It’s a great view, the skies, clouds, sea and any tree you can look at. I find stillness while seeing the waves of the sea continuously flowing it’s course.

I also like seeing the white clouds as it looks like it’s painted in the sky.

4. Attend Funerals

We can get caught up with our problems at work or the busyness we felt daily. Attending funerals can bring us to realize that there is more to life than our busy schedules and meeting deadlines.

When you bury the dead, you can realize how short your life is and how health is the greatest wealth in your life.

5. Watch the rain as it drops in the road.

Watching the rain can help you realize that you can’t control some things in your life. You should let go of feeling the need to control everything and just enjoy the weather.

Watch the rain and enjoy your life no matter how light or dark it gets.

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