How can someone love so genuinely when all they’ve been through were brokenness?

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I still can’t understand how can someone love so pure and true when all they’ve been through were hardship and tragedy.

I admire people who have been gone through various hardships in life and I am always wondering how did they pass through those chaotic circumstances.

I am not prepared to fall for someone with this kind of situation yet I did.

Someone I love so dearly have gone through a terrible past and I am not so ready to be someone they cared about.

I am also going through adjustments on how to deal with this.

I don’t want to add any pain on the feelings of this person as the past was already unbearable.

I end up overthinking our relationship as I don’t want to add any hurtful feelings.

Loving someone is so complex and sometimes all we can give ourselves is acceptance. Accepting the fact that we love this broken person and that we cannot put this individual into one whole piece.

Our love might not be enough. Our love might not be something someone needs. But the love you can give even though you feel you don’t deserved to be love back is all that is needed by your significant loved one to go through the brokenness.

I also feel that loving someone shouldn’t have a checklist of ideals. Loving someone should be an enjoyable feeling. Loving someone should make you feel so secured, loved and joyful.

I might not be able to put the pieces together for a whole life of brokenness but I am willing to water our love for it to grow and last.

I have been through hardships too in my life but then I can’t imagine how my significant other get past the years of pain. I am just grateful that we’ve found each other in this lifetime to share in the moments of love and care.

This love is something so genuine that I don’t want to let this person go.

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