The wonders of love

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It’s been a month since I had my love. It’s wonderful in all ways. I’ve been so happy and energetic and so secured. I feel so secured that I feel so confident in all that pertains to loving someone.

It’s amazing to feel this way. Just loving another person as much as you love yourself. You wanted to be the best version of yourself and spend time with your love whenever you are free.

Here are the lessons I learned in this relationship:

Loving someone is free

You don’t need to second guess whether it’s love or infatuation, you will feel a warm feeling in your heart.

There is an endless connection in which you two are bound and you can’t stop yourself from falling deeper and deeper.

You need to let go of what ifs of the future to fully love your special person right here and now.

Loving someone is security

When love is pure and true, your love for another will give a sense of security to another person.

You won’t do something that would break someone’s trust and care for you.

You will care a whole lot about the status and feelings of your love and you will let the other person know what you are up to for the day.

Loving someone gives you hope

Loving can give you hope for the best possible outcomes your bond will lead you to. Loving can give light to your darkest days and strength to you whenever you feel weakest.

Loving can give you all that you need in terms of emotional support. You will feel the warmth of the love that transpires every inch of your soul.

Loving someone stops your search.

Loving can stop the way you search for 💕 from all the wrong places. You will automatically feel the love someone gives to you and would want to give back the same intensity and energy from your love.

Overall I feel so inlove and cared about. I don’t want this to end nor begin. I just want this feeling for the longest time I could hold on to this love.

Loving someone with this intensity of what I feel right now is something new for me. I would only want the best for us both and travel this journey of love together for years and decades to come.

I love you my 1 month love! 😍❤️

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