Renewing My Domain and WordPress Hosting

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It has been 11 months since I started this blog. There has been so many ups and downs along the way. I tried blogging daily then I tried blogging weekly, monthly and suddenly I blog whenever I just felt like blogging.

Actually when I first created this blog site, I want an outlet to share my thoughts about my life and everything in it that I feel like writing about.

I also want to see growth in myself in various aspect whether emotionally, mentally, physically and financially. I shared alot of the things I tried doing in my life. The success and failures in different areas and all that I can comfortably share to those who wants to read.

This month is the time to renew my WordPress hosting. I was thinking about not renewing it and just letting my domain go to where it can’t be accessible by me again. But then, I had thought about this several times that I wanted to continue blogging and use my domain even though I will pay for it annually.

This blog has been here for me whenever I feel my mixed emotions, it also inspires me to do more, to create more and share my deepest feelings. I don’t like to stop blogging even though I rarely had time or energy to blog.

Today, I will be renewing my WordPress hosting and domain and there’s no turning back.

I searched for ways to alternatively have a hosting at a cheaper price but I find that I am satisfied with what I have now even though it’s pricey for me. I want to still use what I have and not look for another option anymore.

I am contented with the current hosting and using something different isn’t a welcomed idea for me as I don’t have the energy to start anew.

I just want to continue doing what I love even if I will post just once a month or daily which depends on the availability of my time, emotional energy and ability to insert blogging in my daily life.

To all my fellow bloggers, I am happy to feel that I am part of an awesome community. I am grateful especially to those I have interacted with in this platform and liked my posts.

To my blog readers, I hope I can inspire more people in my works and be a great writer so that anyone who can read will enjoy what I could share.

I am thankful for another year of blogging and here is to many more years of blogging and sharing life.

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