Changing my hair color

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Before the Christmas Eve, I wrote on a sticky note, “change your life, change your actions.”

I’ve been scared about something all my life. I’ve been this way since I was a child. I wanted to try new things but I was scared to do that thing and just back off all the time.

As I wake up today, a day before the New Years eve I take a leap from my previous self. I want something to change at least physically. Something that is semi permanent which is changing my hair color!

The color of my hair is black or a darker shade of brown. I get up from my bed and organized the clothes that I will bring in the laundry shop this morning. I then go to the nearest food store but I see a long queue of people so I just decided to walk to a nearby salon.

As I was taking the steps toward the salon, I feel that something was lifted from me, which was my fears. I fear that I would be allergic to the chemicals in the salon and also I am quite scared if the results will not be something I would like to have.

But then, those fears were lifted and I had the courage to do something that I thought I wasn’t capable to do in this lifetime.

This might be a simple task for some but it’s a big deal for me. It wasn’t a norm for me to have a change in my hair color. It wasn’t also a norm for me to finally decide to do it.

I just feel like changing something physically will give me an edge to also change something in my mindset for the better.

Overall, I am so happy today. I am happy to change the way I look. I am also happy to have the courage from within to decide to change something physically in my life. I am also satisfied with the results or the end look of the hair color. It still looks natural and bright.

It feels like I am a new person with so much courage to do something I want for my life.

I am so happy to welcome a new year with a new hair color.

Thank you for reading and have a Happy and Prosperous New Year with your family!

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