Starting over

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It’s difficult when you encounter a series of failures. It can be failing to take good care of your health. It can be failures in performing your work well. It can be failure in accepting challenges and changes.

There are different experiences we can have in this life. Failing at most parts of our life is so draining physically and mentally.

Doing your best but having an opposite result is a classic for failing in any area of my life.

This is where I start over.

I start doing things in a different way.

I start to relax more. I start to live in the moment more. I start to love myself more.

I start to be kind to myself. I start to make some new friends. I start to be happy for someone’s success. I start to blog about anything that I want to post about.

I start to relive some happy memories from the old days. I start to share laughter with people around. I start to belatedly greet someone on their birthday.

It’s a welcome change to start over. It’s putting in work in those changes but it’s worth it.

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