When you are at a low point in your life

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When nothing seems to be going right.

When you feel that your abilities weren’t at par.

When all the dreams you had seems so distant.

When your goals doesn’t match with what you were pursuing right now.

There will be times when what you feel doesn’t matter with what you are tasked to do.

When you are at a low point in life and you just need to keep going.

When all you can do is to pray.

This is the time of your life when you can be the humblest version of yourself.

You can love the peacefulness of the sound of the piano playing on your ears.

You can stop at one corner of the road and just see the trucks pass by.

You can find comfort in knowing that people continue with their life as they walk passing the pavements.

There is really nothing to hurry about.

The light will shine during the daytime.

You will notice that in your life, the only constant is you.

You have this energy to turn unfortunate events into experience.

You have the greatness in you even you don’t feel like you have it at times.

You have the power to turn the negative experiences to a positive filled life.

You can skip one meal and still that doesn’t make you any less.

You can skip some sleep hours but that doesn’t mean you are not living a life to be grateful for.

The flaws in yourself is just a part of you.

Your life is a constant reminder of how wonderful this world is with someone like you in it.

There will be days when you will not feel great.

There will be days when you cannot fall asleep.

There will be days when you will not have the appetite to eat breakfast.

There will be days that you can’t do the dishes.

But when you are finally able to do these things, you can feel the pure energy in the inside. Something so priceless that you will be so grateful to finally be able to do the dishes.

Something so wonderful that you can have the sleep hours you needed.

So thankful that you are able to eat a full meal without the feeling of having to vomit.

Life goes on and on no matter what you say. Life doesn’t stop no matter what you do. Life will run its course whether you like it or not.

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