Now that I am


Now that I am at this age, I feel like my problems were different than when I was still a student.

When I was young, I was struggling proving to myself that I could pass the quizzes at school. This time that I have been working for more than two years, I felt like the problems of passing exams were so distant and the stress or thinking about it at that time wasn’t necessary at all. It became pointless. The books that I’ve studied became useless.

Life right now is so different from before. The problems I deal with now isn’t the problems I deal when I was younger.

I feel so free too. I feel free to spend my time on myself and not think about anyone else.

I feel so free that I had this feeling of rest.

I look forward to years to come. I am sure things in my life is a repetition but I am willing to live each day even if it’s monotonous. Life is like that, if you search for meaning in all things you do in life, you will only lose your way in the process.

You will only overthink if you try to find purpose in life. Living in this planet is already a blessing. It doesn’t matter whether you are broke or rich, all matters is you let yourself to live in this life.

I am grateful that I have the life. No matter what the circumstances is, I am just happy to be free. You will be free too if you don’t search for meaning or purpose. Our disappointments come from within. I am just so glad that I do not have this feeling of disappointment right now. I do not expect anything in my life to change, I wasn’t disappointed in anything and I am free from overthinking.

I guess sharing this here let me inform alot of people that our worries, problems or unhappiness will pass and it will be a distant memory after a decade.

2 comments on “Now that I am”

  1. This is very comforting to hear. As a stressed college student, I sometimes worry that life is always going to be this hectic and I’ll never be able to be at peace in my career or personal life. I am glad this is not the case for you, and I hope it will be the same for me.

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    1. I am glad that you find comfort by reading this blog. Sharing our struggles in life and how we overcome those is a great way to connect to one another. I am certain that what you worry about these days will be only memories you’ll look back while smiling about why you worry about it in the past.

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