If you ever feel down, clean your room.

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The past days I have colds and slight cough. My energy is at its lowest.

I do some stretches in the morning to feel normal but still I felt so weak. Last Tuesday I barely had sleep. Yesterday I sleep long hours like 9pm – 6am! Today I feel restless so I decided to use my energy to clean my room.

When you are feeling down or you are simply not your best to tackle the day, it is good to take yourself away from the situation and do something that will take your time.

I play some inspirational speeches in YouTube as my background sounds while cleaning my room.

Due to low energy and also lack of time, I hadn’t cleaned my room for longer than months! It sure is messy and this mess is already getting in my head space.

Cleaning something can ease your mind and it’s also like cleaning your inner thoughts too.

I am happy that I took time to clean and I would love to maintain it. I have a small room but after cleaning, I appreciate the space that I have. It feels so good to do small things, take the action to change the way things are.

I am also grateful that I learned new things at work today. I get to know new processes and system. Having the added knowledge gives me more energy to do more.

The good learning experience I had with work somehow translates to other aspects of my life too.

If ever you feel down, know that it isn’t permanent. The worst day in your life will pass and you never know what blessing you are to receive the next day!

I know good positive thoughts can bring a brighter life for you and your loved ones. Keep being the best version of yourself and always choose to be kind!

1 comments on “If you ever feel down, clean your room.”

  1. Lol this is a wonderful tip for sure. If you ever feel down in general, just take out all your frustrations or anger on your chores. That doesn’t always help with my emotions, but at the end of the day I get a clean house, so there’s that. Anyway, thanks for this post!

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