Shadows in the Dark

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I didn’t noticed how dark the home I was in until I stop and stared at the lights coming from the outside.

Maybe this is what people go through no matter what age bracket they are in.

People always had this dark environment and only when you focus on the light will you remember how dark it really was.

The only sound was coming from a fan. It doesn’t help either. It only reminds how life can be.

I realized today that one must not always think about the sake of people around them. If you consider the feelings of every people you meet, you’ll end up in the dark and only light will come from the outside. If you give yourself enough attention, that is the only time when the light from the inside can find its way to radiate.

I thought I want to write motivational books when I was in my teens, but now I can see myself writing a different aspect. Writing is a form of art, it has its twist and turns that you want to convey.

I would like to write this time for myself. I want to heal as much as I can. I want to heal my own peace of mind.

Nights are long for many of us. We tend to over analyze things but it doesn’t need to be always that way.

We can’t wait for circumstances to occur to tell ourselves that we are finally giving ourselves permission to do one thing.

You will only hurt yourself that way. We must learn to let nature run its course. We should know when to stop doing things that weren’t helping us.

You can only find shadow in the dark when there’s light. You can only find courage when you set your mind.

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