Being reborn every October 31st

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I always feel this way when it’s the end of October. It’s like a fresh start of something in all aspects of my life. I’ve been through a lot in my perspective and I won’t change a thing about any of that.

I was continuously thinking yesterday if I had a rough childhood but nothing comes up to my mind. I had a simple childhood, not so eventful nor traumatic. I was reliving my memories but nothing really comes up. I was thinking if I have selective memories because when people undergo miserable paths they tend to disassociate themselves from it, but still nothing really comes up.

I just had some reflections yesterday before finally sleeping. I drink a cup of coffee that morning so maybe it contributed to not falling asleep as fast as I did for months.

I am grateful for what I have these days. When I was a child, I was too immature to see how blessed I am. I really changed 180° from the bad attitudes I have as a child into a grateful and appreciative person that I am right now.

Many people might go through series of unhappy events that might contribute to sadness and feelings of losing their control.

What I realized as I continuously live my life is that, life is simple. Life is supposed to be lived. Whether you are the poorest of the poor or richest of the rich. Life must go on. It’s a cycle and when you stopped breathing, that’s where it ends.

If ever you are going through the extremeness of this life, all I can advise is to give yourself a month. See what changes with your life in a month. Also you must get up and drink some coconut juice. If ever you feel so down and voices in your mind go wild, get up from where you are laying down. It might be a task but it’s something you needed to do to be okay in the next few days.

Having a thankful heart despite all you are going through is a good thing too.

Right now, I am living my life while being in a very different situation about three years ago.

I also go through the rock bottom different times and with different reasons.

Three years had passed from being broke, not being employed and with restlessness from my own mind.

October 31 is a day I will always celebrate and put high emphasis on self reflection on each year. October 31 is the day that I conquered my fears, face my inner fears and issues and had the courage to continuously live for myself.

You are a wonderful person, don’t let life situations make you feel nothing. You are a ray of sunshine to your family, or anyone who may cross paths with you, be the helpful and kind person despite what other people might show you.

I may not have gone through traumatic experience and tragedies in my childhood, but being able to live through the problems I encountered and might face in the span of my life truly inspire me to continuously live each day as simple as I can.

I still had fears that I deal with each day like fear of not doing enough in terms of career, but I let it go for the good night sleep. I would love to help more people like me who struggle from their personal thoughts and I thought I should have taken a different degree in college but then I have this blog to do just that. I can express my thoughts in ways I could reach people and uplift them like how the motivational speakers helped me in the tough times.

One life is all we need to live the life we love.

I may not change my career path in my whole life but having this blog is enough for me to touch lives and pay back to those who had helped me through books, podcast, YouTube videos and motivational posts in my darkest days.

Let your days be filled with music of peace and hope for the rest of your life!

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