I haven’t posted a blog last September

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I am surprised that I haven’t posted a blog for a whole month of September.

There are just so many things I need to do at work and mostly I spent my weekends with my family. I haven’t checked on anything in this blog for a month.

I also noticed that I am changing in a lot of ways. Hopefully these changes were all for the better too. I won’t promise to post a blog on specific days as my days were really busy with work.

1 comments on “I haven’t posted a blog last September”

  1. For some reason I remembered your blogname we going through my email. I was sorting out so I could unsubscribe from newsletters and see more normal blog posts that are not trying to flog me some junk product or service. Good to see you bloging still.

    I have much the same situation here, I am cowriting at the moment on a team blog so I don’t get to post much on my own but I am productive elsewhere.


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