What Matters in Life?

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There can be a lot of things inside your home. A lot of things can mean clutter. It can also mean garbage. It can mean valuable things for you. It can be things you can find hard to let go of.

Letting go can be difficult especially if you haven’t figured out yourself. It can be a challenge when you don’t know your self worth yet. But letting go can be easy after days went by. Letting go can be as natural as throwing throwing the plastic of a candy in the thrash can.

What do we know about life? Its something we can sit with in the sunshine as we feel the warmth it gives our body as we stay still. Its what the air could give us, the soothing feeling as the wind touches our skin.

More than ever, I must acknowledge all the blessings I have in this life. There are treasures that can’t be compared to a gold jewelry. Its the connection we had with people around us. When we have a family who cares for us genuinely, we can hope for the bright future ahead of us. They are the primarily lifters of our spirit. They are the guides to turn you into the best direction possible.

There are a lot of struggles that we face each day. We can experience differently from one another. One can experience success while the other failure. One can be in poverty while the other in abundance. One may enjoy a good health while the other suffering from unknown sickness. There’s a lot to be thankful for while others you may want to curse about.

Its easy to have these realizations when you have the time to sit in silence and just hear the sounds of every little being and things around you. Feeling different emotions is your personal choice in life. You choose the inner peace enveloping you in each day. You choose the happiness you feel inside out. You choose the success. You choose the responsibilities you hold till this day. What are the things you want to figure out in this life? What are the

What are the decisions you need to have right now? What are the things you need to let go of? What are the promises to yourself that you need to keep? What are the things that you need to buy? Wat are the way of life you need to live?

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