Update about this blog and my life!

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The past week I planned to post every Tuesday and Thursday. But life takes you to places you never knew would happen. It takes turns and makes you jump on each obstacle so that you can pass through it.

I have been through challenges these past three weeks and until to this day. The first challenge was to keep working as a frontline worker in this time of pandemic. I do not work in the medical industry but my line of work deal with people so I am a frontline worker. The risk of being in contact with a lot of people led me to decide not to go home and just stay in the room I am renting which is close to my workplace. I haven’t seen my family since July this year.

The second challenge was keeping my state of mind on the positive side. It is hard to be optimistic all the time. We might come across news on how people were dying, we can watch several videos on YouTube on how people grieve over those they truly love in this world. I also had two relatives who died recently and I couldn’t go home because I also protecting my family from the risk of being a frontline worker.

The third challenge is not being able to exercise as much as I want to. Because I was taking care of myself, I limit my exercises. I wasn’t able to go out to take a walk or jog as I was being careful not to catch anything outside that might cause me to be sick.

The fourth challenge right now is being at the room I was renting as my coworker tested positive in the swab test. The health department contact traced us and told us not to go outside. I am currently on Day 8 of my 14 day quarantine period. I am allowed to go outside on August 19, 2021. The responsibility of not being in contact with people is a task I need to bear.

Despite these challenges, I am still grateful for a lot of people, situations and things.

I am grateful for the food in my room and water that I am able to drink. These things are gold and people most likely won’t appreciate it if it’s usually full of food or water in their table. When you are in lack, you tend to appreciate even the smallest thing in your life. When you are in abundance, most of the time you tend to forget how blessed you are.

I am also grateful for a heart that is open to receive all the blessings in this life. I acknowledge that I am blessed in this time of pandemic as I have a job that support my financial needs.

I am grateful for the family I have. They are my great support system. I call them every day and they uplift my spirit as they are also the source of my motivation and positivity. I know I can tackle each problem that I encounter because I grow from the family with great values and teachings about life.

I am grateful for the laptop that I am using to encode the contents in this blog. I am able to write the things I am grateful about, the lessons I learned and the experiences that I had.

I am grateful for the videos on YouTube, the blogs on the internet, songs on YouTube and the trading platform in the internet. I am able to spend my day doing the things I love the most.

There are a lot of things to be grateful for in this life. You don’t give up in life because you are needed in this life. You can inspire people around you, those who are far from you and those you came across in your journey.

I aim to write more blogs as its days away from the end of my quarantine period. I want to be productive as I can. I also want to trade in the stock market as much as I can as I have the time to watch the prices or monitor the stock market. I took some stretching exercises early this morning as I am cooking my breakfast.

Being thankful can help you get through your life’s challenges. Living in this world is a great journey we need to take each day as joyful as we can be. Let music play in your life. Songs of inspiration, words of motivation, are the weapons we can pick up to fight in our own journey.

There are a lot of people who need your ideas, words of encouragement and just seeing you live your life to the fullest.

I had a dream last night, in that dream a woman was rummaging through the garbage for food. She got some noodles from the garbage and go on to eat. This was just my dream but it is mostly the reality of many people in this time of pandemic. Many people are being forced to get whatever they can get to survive even if the food or item is from a trash can. It moves me as I experienced being in a low income family throughout my childhood and teenage years. It is a sacrifice of my parents to send us to school and support our family financially.

I also had been in the days when I have limited allowance and can only buy one meal from my allowance. This experience greatly taught me the value of money and being truly grateful for what I currently have. If you are in the rock bottom now, you don’t know where you can get money to buy the necessary things at home, just know that things will get better. When I graduated college, I only had 2 dollars in my name. I have also been unemployed for 2 years since my graduation day. I have been through success and failures but I keep going. I hope you can find strength to keep moving and believe that great things will happen to you.

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  1. Wow, that was tough to read. Sorry you had to go through all of this, but it’s awesome that you’re staying grateful for a lot of things. Thanks for being open and vulnerable. I hope you’re doing better now 💕


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