Things I learned While Living Alone

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In this time of pandemic, most of us might prefer to stay at home. It would be nice to be at home with family members but there will be instances when you need to stay at home alone. Like in my situation, I am working 90 kilometers away from home. The type of work I am in isn’t ideal for any work from home arrangement. Its like a front line type of work. I need to stay in the room I am renting away from my family for almost two years now.

With the situation brought about by the pandemic, I choose not to go home every weekends. Its about three weeks now since I got home. This make me feel like I am actually living alone as I don’t go home every weekends.

I am grateful for the work that I have and I just appreciate wherever I am in this life even if it means I will live alone daily.

Living alone gives me a lot of time to think about situations in my life thoroughly and also gives me the overall peace I needed in this time of pandemic.

1. Living alone helps me to discover my inner strength.

At first, we all are scared to be by ourselves especially when you like being around people. But then I discover that I can be as independent as I am now. I don’t depend on other people the happiness I should feel or the money I should spend. I feel more in control of my daily life as I live my days by myself.

I found myself in a good place and becoming stronger as each day passes.

2. Living alone develops my cooking skills!

One of the perks of being alone is you can practice your cooking. You can plan your own meals and enjoy your own food. You can also praise your own cooking skills as I can tell you that it gets better over time.

It is also one of my favorite activities especially on weekends. Due to work, I wasn’t able to cook daily on my work days that is why I definitely look forward to cooking each weekend.

It is also a time for me to eat fruits like bananas, apple and avocados.

I like eating simple meals on weekends and eat more portions as I cannot eat a lot during workdays. I also love my own cooked meals that’s why I eat a lot on weekends.

3. Living alone gets me to follow my own workout routine.

As I feel independent, I had the strength to dive into a workout routine.

I already like my body and staying fit through working out twice a week is a bonus! Its great to have time spent on working on your own body. Doing simple workouts or just going out for a morning walk is already a positive thing to add into your life.

As I created a fix schedule on my workout, heavy workout on Wednesdays and light workout on Saturdays, I feel more accountable and actually follow that schedule. On Wednesday mornings, I would go on for a morning walk then jogging and then a 20 minute full body workout. On Saturdays, I would do the stretchings, jumping and some squats.

I don’t like to overdo my workouts as I want my body to gain muscle mass instead of losing weight.

Having a schedule like this is something I needed as I will forget to do it if there’s no designated date for it.

4. Living alone enables me to study or read books through audio books.

Living by myself help me to spend more time on reading. I don’t have television at the place I am staying and its one advantage on living alone. I don’t have the means to watch daily news!

Instead, I spend more time on reading books especially when I woke up early on a weekend morning and I want to get back to sleep. Reading calms my mind and helps me getting back to sleep. I also noticed that when I spend 1 hour on studying on a weekend afternoon, I have a peaceful sleep on a Saturday evening.

5. Living alone gives me time to blog.

If I didn’t live alone for almost two years now, I doubt that I would ever start this blog. Usually I would start something then leave it but with this blog, I was almost posting every week or the least every two weeks. Being alone helps me to write more and reflect on things I want to blog about.

Just like today, its Sunday and I was supposed to blog based on my schedule every Tuesday and Thursday. This is why I’ll save this to drafts today and publish it on Tuesday! I have so many thoughts running on my mind as I live alone and I think its okay to write something in drafts and then follow my original schedule of publishing it during Tuesday and Thursday of the week.

6. Living alone gives me time to read about finances.

I like spending my time reading discussions on Reddit about investing, savings and generally about personal finance. I also like listening to audio books related to finances.

Living alone also gives a boost on my personal finances. I am in control of my spending and got more time and space on deciding which investments I would put my money on. I also got the time to input my finances on an excel file and monitor which investments I should continue and stocks I need to sell.

7. Living alone helps me to appreciate good old and new music.

When you are living alone, you have so much time for activities. I like playing music in the background. Just like now that I am writing this blog, I am also playing Disney Soundtracks 2020 on YouTube. Listening to songs can be the source of energy that you need to fold those clothes as no one will do the chores for you!

I also like listening to relaxing music before going to sleep. I also listen to new music as I cook the food for myself.

If you like to live a fulfilling life, you can start with listening to music and enjoying the tunes, lyrics and voices.

8. Living alone helps me to appreciate the silence and appreciate the noise.

Its like life, there’s brightness and darkness. You can truly appreciate the bright side of life after going through the dark phase of that lifetime. Living alone help me to enjoy the silence of the Sunday afternoon and also enjoy the laughter at home if I get home after a month alone.

You can appreciate what you have now instead of wishing for the circumstances to change and dwell on discontentment as your reality doesn’t align on your expectations.

9. Living alone makes me appreciate warm baths, grocery time and small things in life.

When you are living alone, you can take extra long warm baths which is good for your self care. You also need to have great number of foods to eat especially when you need quick easy meals at night. You also appreciate eery little thing that you own in this life. We tend to take things for granted when things are there and doesn’t use our resources well. But wen you live alone, you will know the value of each cooking utensil you have. You will appreciate the storage space you have. You will also appreciate every piece of clothing you have. You also have all the time to appreciate the pillow you have and the curtains on your windows. There is a lot of things to be grateful for like the water you drink, the food you ate and the shelter you stay on daily.

10. Living alone helps you to live a positive filled life.

You create your own life. Living alone helps you to realize more of that! Living by yourself gives you the independence you need to choose what’s best for you daily. You also have this positive spirit that cannot be spoilt by the people around you. Your daily life can be filled by positive thoughts.

You will realize that your problems isn’t a matter to dwell on. You will realize that how you think about yourself is so important and striving to have peace within yourself is what you truly needed.

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