15 minutes of walking, 10 minutes jogging and 20 minute workout last Wednesday morning!

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I woke up to my alarm last Wednesday at 5am. I fell asleep at 3am as I can’t sleep due to having a nap last Tuesday afternoon which lasted for 3 hours!

No matter what I feel, I still continued my plan of working out on Wednesday of the week! Even I only fell asleep for two hours, I still get up and get things done. I just drink some chocolate drink before going out to walk at 5:20am in the morning. I walk to my favorite jogging spot then jog for 10 minutes. Then I walk back to have my workout in my room.

It was my second time to follow the 20 minute workout that I watch on YouTube. It was so difficult for me the first time I tried, but last Wednesday, I feel more active and did the repetitions well.

Today, I still feel the muscle pain in my thighs and overall in my body. I am grateful that I did the workout routine and I am so excited to follow my schedule next week to do more workouts.

Daily, I am stretching my body especially at night. I need to have good stretches to feel more at ease and to have a great day as I wake up.

Today is Thursday that is why I wrote this blog. I want to follow the schedule I set for this blog. My next blog is to be posted next week, Tuesday!

Tomorrow, its Friday and I am looking forward for the new audio book that I will listen to. I like motivational books and these will be the books I will listen to more this year.

I would love to make my Saturday and Sundays as productive as I can. I would also cook more for myself as I won’t go home. The last time I went home was about two weeks ago. It feels like I am living on my own for more than two years now. Before, I was going home each week. But this year, I was only going home once or twice a month.

I would like to put my time into good use that is why I am working out.

I would like to invest more on stocks these days as the prices are lower compared to previous month.

I will write more blogs on Tuesday! I feel so tired as I got home at 9:15pm. See you on the next blog!

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