Listening to Audio Books on YouTube

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I started to listen to an audio book last Saturday. In the previous years, I have been reading books through my eyes and the idea of purely listening to someone read the contents of the book for me isn’t so natural for me.

Due to lack of time, I wanted to give listening to a book a try. I do the laundry last Saturday while listening to an audio book and it has been amazing. The combination of contents of the book and the ability to do my daily chores while listening to it is a great advantage that I am open to take.

I can remember when I am at my lowest point in life, I used to jog while listening to a motivational book that I have read twice. I listen to it because I already read the book. But these days, I am listening to audio books that weren’t something that I had read first hand.

I also had reservations on reading as much because as an aspiring writer, I would want to create my own book or blog rather than spend time reading books. But these thoughts were pushed aside and I open my mind to the creations of other people. Taking time to read or listen to other books give me ideas that are truly helpful in my own life.

I also need to be a learner as much as I may want to be a creator. Today, I am on the second audio book that talks about habits. Its helpful to listen to this book as I see my life in a new way. All the actions I do is a part of the habit that I practiced throughout the years. If I truly want to improve my life I need to stick with the percent improvements rather than choosing bad habits that worsen over the years.

As I clean the fan in my room, I listened to this audio book. I also spent almost 2 hours listening to the audio book while cooking breakfast, cleaning my room, sweeping the floor and organizing things. I first listened to this audio book last night. I spent an hour listening to it while stretching my body, massaging my back, organizing my drawer and folding my clothes.

I sleep at 11pm last night and woke up at 6:14am. I still practiced not using my phone an hour after I woke up. In that one hour, I washed the dishes, I watered the plant I have in the terrace and started cooking. I didn’t play the audio book until its about 7:20 am.

Having this one hour of not using a digital gadget help me to sort out my thoughts. I also started dreaming big for my future. As I washed the dishes, I had bigger dreams for myself as I had never thought about for years. Its like I’m a child again, not worrying about failing and every dream seems possible.

When you free yourself from constant notification from the various apps on your phone, you will start to have amazing thoughts about your future. Your plans in life seems achievable and you have more space to grow as a person.

When I was younger, I used to dream big dreams. I aim for the highest score. But after a decade of dreaming big, I chose to be outside the spot light. I aim and prayed for the simplest life. I found myself dimming my own brightness so that I can be as simple as I want to be. When you are on the top, you want to be an average but when you are at the bottom you want to reach for the top. When you are average you wonder how would you feel when you are at the top. Contentment and appreciation of what you have right now is actually the key to lifelong happiness.

I am just happy that wherever I am in my life right now, I am having this big dreams once more. I turn down myself most of the times before because I see the impossibilities in my situation. But these days, I am thankful that this dreams that I have will be achieved one day in this lifetime. And when that happens I will still be grateful that I didn’t sabotage my own future and let my light shine.

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