I created a schedule for my days!


Monday- listen to an audio book

Tuesday- publish a blog

Wednesday- workout

Thursday- publish a blog

Friday- listen to an audio book

Saturday- workout

Sunday- pray

I needed to make a schedule so that I had something to look forward to each day. When I don’t have a schedule set for myself I end up wasting my time doing unproductive things. I want to work on my routines especially when it comes to fitness of my mind and body. What better way to start my week than through listening to an audio book. I also want to limit my social media intake that is why having a workout session twice a week can be helpful.

This is the second blog that I will publish today and its Tuesday! Its a big step for me to actually follow through a scheduled blogging days. I usually post whenever I feel like it. But this time I will just have Tuesdays and Thursdays as strictly blogging post days.

I also want to try going home before 10pm daily. I will also sleep at 10pm, lights off at 10pm no matter what and also set my alarm at 5am no matter what.

I like to set these rules in sleeping and waking up to improve my habits over the days that will pass. I will also stick to the rule of not using my phone an hour after I wake up. Initially I thought of two hours but I guess I can cope more if its only an hour. I will also stick with not using my phone after 9pm.

I should probably write these rules on actual paper and post it on the wall for an added accountability.

In terms of health, I want to eat less junk foods. I found myself eating chips or drinking softdrinks every week. I would like to limit these foods into once each month. I will try my best to choose healthy food choices like fruits, vegetables and fish meals for lunch.

At work I will also walk around, stand and take breaks after every two hours. I need to take care of my physical fitness as I work long hours.

I also would want to cook more instead of buying cooked foods. Cooking relaxes me a lot and I want to do more of it. I love eating foods that were cooked at home.

There are a lot of topics I want to write about and having specific days like Tuesday and Thursdays would help me sort my thoughts and push myself to publish one blog each schedule.

Its about 8 minutes till 9pm and I will not use my phone anymore after 9pm. I was typing this post in my second phone instead of my laptop.

At 9pm I will iron my clothes, a welcome change because I usually iron it in the morning before going to work. I will also prepare my workout clothes so that I will have lesser chances of not working out. I would like to go for a 10 minute jogging and 15 minutes of walking tomorrow. I will also do a 20 minute full body workout.

Then I will prepare myself to go to work and arrive at the office at 7:40am which is 20 minutes before the time.

I want these changes in my life and I will work on making these changes happen in reality. These small changes compounded over time will have a big impact in my well being and emotional health.

Have a wonderful day ahead and see you on my next blog!

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