Not using my phone 1 hour after I wake up


I have been doing this for two consecutive days now. I noticed that as soon as I wake up I was using my phone and searching for the new songs 2021 on Youtube. I was also mindless scrolling on Facebook because my phone has split screen feature. I can listen to songs while scrolling on Facebook or Instagram. After not using my phone an hour after waking up, I found myself enjoying small chores at home like cleaning up the dishes, or sweeping the floor in my room. I also enjoyed cooking and eating my meal without using my phone.

In this modern day, it feels like we can’t detach ourselves from our phones 24/7. We need our phones especially during our work days as our morning alarm. We also need our phones to call our clients or to text people we want to contact. We also need messenger to reach those people we need to contact throughout the day.

The constant notification from our phones seems like an alert we need to attend to all throughout our day. Turning off my phone as I sleep on weekend nights helps me a lot to have a peaceful good night sleep. Due to my work on weekdays, I cannot sleep as early as I want to. This is why I need to catch up the hours of sleep that I didn’t get. Turning off my phone is essential during weekends as well as turning off any alarm on my phone so that I can wake up naturally in the morning.

Yesterday, I wanted to take a nap at 5pm. I ate the dinner I wanted to eat as early as 4pm. As I took the nap at 5pm, I woke up at 1:45 am! It seems like my body needs more than a nap. After waking up at 1:45 am, I didn’t use my phone. Instead I drink some milk and eat some biscuits. I also do some meditation as I return to lying down on bed. As much as I want to have a productive day, I don’t want to stay awake especially at 2am because that is the time my body replenish the needed oxygen and reproduce new cells. I fell asleep at 2:30am and woke up at 7:45 am.

After I woke up, I still didn’t use my phone until this time it is already 9:30am! I am using my laptop to write this blog post in a Microsoft word. I feel so free that I don’t depend on my phone to entertain myself. Using a laptop without any internet is so freeing too because I can focus all my attention on writing this blog.

I am grateful that I give this a try, not using my phone as soon as I wake up. I was able to cook my food, clean my room, eat breakfast and write a blog without any thought of scrolling on facebook to let my time pass by.

Yesterday, as I am doing my laundry, I was listening to an audiobook on Youtube. It’s a nice audio book and I am learning a lot from it. It talks about knowing your why in life. I like to think that my purpose in life is to inspire people through living my own life. If you continuously seek for your purpose and happiness, you will end up emptier than you were before you started your soul searching.

You need to keep the reasons why you stay alive to this day in your heart. There will always be challenges in your life. You will face the sad moments, happy moments, celebrations, mourning and all sorts of emotions in your life. Being joyful amidst the situation you are in now can help you get through the most painful moments in your life. Life has a comma and a period. In the life’s comma, you need to stay strong and do what needs to be done. In life’s period, you need to accept what happens happen and be open to the life’s end.

What matters to me now is I can touch the lives of people through my writing. It is something I am passionate about. If I lose this fire of writing for the hearts of other people then that will be the time I might stop writing. Living in this planet can be hard if you don’t control your thoughts. I noticed that as I don’t use my phone as soon as I wake up, I had the time to linger on the thoughts that was passing my mind. When the thought isn’t as helpful, I dismiss it as soon as I noticed it. I don’t judge the thought that was entering my mind; I just let it pass like a cloud in the sky.

I like to challenge myself more and try not using my phone two hours after waking up and an hour before I fall asleep. This can be a great way to spend my time wisely and feel more in control of my day. My body is in pain from my workout session last time but tomorrow, I will repeat some workout routines so that my body can get more used to it. I know that our body needs exercise daily, I need to see through the body pains and focus on what I can become in the process of repeating those workout routines.

I also need to meditate more. This is the area I need to improve on. I will benefit greatly if I can put it into practice that can be a great habit in my daily life later on. Meditating can also help me to write more as I can reflect more on the things I can blog about. In improving your lifestyle, it isn’t as easy as writing a grocery list. You need to put in the effort and time to be successful in one area that can have an effect on other areas of your life.

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  1. Getting a handle on our phone addictions is critical for mental health. I place my phone in a draw during the day so I have to go to it in order to check it, as opposed to simply checking it mindlessly. I also leave it out the room whenever I go to bed. Willpower is overrated – far better to redesign your environment instead. Thank you for sharing – it’s great advice!

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