Enjoying Good Old Music

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I’ve been having too many questions on my mind lately. The dissatisfaction in various areas of my life isn’t going away as much as I would like to. This resulted to lesser sleep as I can only sleep at 12 midnight or most of the time at 2 am in the morning. I know this habit is bad as my body needs to have a full energy for the next day especially if it’s a work day.

There are a lot of questions that can cross your mind daily. If you dwell on each one, you wouldn’t be living your life to the fullest. Earlier, I can say that my mind is distracted while working. I don’t feel like I’m doing my best as I let the emotions I have to prevail and consume my mind. There is part of my work wherein I need to witness another coworker doing his own job. I took this time to count my breathing. I started with one breathe in and one breathe out. I counted it all in my mind. There are times where I go back to one as I lose count. The highest number I reached was 60! The whole duration of witnessing my coworker took fourteen minutes and I feel that something changed in me after I do the breathing in and out for several times. I feel that my mind was being led to a calmer place. Even though I still have a lot in my mind, it is amazing that I am writing a blog once again! And it’s a workday too!

The years added to your age can give you the growth you truly needed. As I appreciate the days added to my years, I can say that I am serving my purpose in my life. Even though you might think that your life is composed of cycle of routines, what you do in this life is important!

Don’t ever minimize the impact you are bringing into this world. You are an important person meant to live in this lifetime. Even if you wish things were different, you are born in this way. You don’t need to alter anything, just continue to live your life in the best version you can show to yourself and everyone else.

As we age, we might forget that our parents are there to support us when we are down and troubled. Stay close to family and friends when you don’t see the light in your life.

Good music can also help us realize that there are seasons in life. We might be in the rock bottom as we have been in this phase all over again. You might climb up from this pit but you can still find yourself back in the same pit after a couple of years. You might see yourself falling in the same pit even after twelve years has passed. All you can do in such situation is to hope for the better and climb your way up once again. When there is a small hope in your heart, you will surely be happy and thankful in your life even the struggles were not changing.

There will be broken dreams in this life. There can be dreams that might seem impossible to achieve. All you need is to be dreaming even if you don’t see yourself achieving the results in reality. The fact that you have this dream in your heart is already a big step that can lead you to achieve it. You may surprise yourself that the dream you have exceeds your expectations!

You can focus on the good things in your life right now instead of constantly thinking about the negative things in your life. Having an app that lets me journal easily is a big boost to my inner peace. A prompted journal is good to have. It has been two consecutive days that I am writing the continued part of the prompt journal. I am grateful that I am doing these as it is helpful in improving my outlook in life.

I am doing well financially and I want that to transcend to my emotional, spiritual, mental and physical being. I like to be more active and do some exercises in the morning. I also like to connect more or to pray more as I needed to more than ever in my life. I also need to calm myself no matter what adversities I face.

I also like to read more as I have downloaded an ebook about personal finance last weekend and I still haven’t read it. Reading might be the activity that I needed to add in my daily life. I also would like to write more blogs, using my laptop. I bought a phone intended for blogging months ago but I havent used it as much as I thought I would. Maybe I could be more productive if I would use an actual keyboard in my laptop instead of a phone.

There are many changes I would like to have in living my daily life. I’ll take it step by step. There is no need to rush but also there’s no need to stay in the same place you were six years ago.

There are progresses, there are failures, and they are all part of your life. You need to sort them out and use them for the betterment of your daily life. Music can give you all the tunes you need as you traverse this new path. Create the life you want to live and love the stage in which you are currently in.

Your fears and self-doubt can be the fuel to reach your goals in life. Don’t sabotage your life when you see that you are succeeding in one area. Don’t think that you won’t fall because you reach so much height. Guard your heart to choose what is right as you can always pick what is best for you.

Be thankful and enjoy each day as it is to be valued.  

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