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I was feeling down lately. I had this dissatisfaction about my life in general. But then as I wake up these past few days, I have this thankfulness in my heart.

I have been failing in many areas of my life and its been draining my energy and emotions the past months. But then as I try to get up from these invisible emotions, I found a sense of relief that I can have this content feeling throughout the day.

The restlessness was gone and its like I’m a new person in the same life, same problems and same difficulties. Its just that I have changed without forcing it.

I know not many would like to read these kind of blogs, talking about the struggles people deal with everyday. I just want to post this one as I feel like I want it published as a reminder to myself that not all days were difficult days, some days are content filled days. There are days when your heart will feel happy, and you will be thankful for it.

If ever you will feel stuck again, remember to stop chasing the wind. Stop following what doesn’t help you emotionally. Take good care of yourself. Start singing again. Start reading again. Put your time into good use. Value yourself and don’t be afraid to do good things for your life.

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