Living alone due to workplace being far from my hometown

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I am living alone for more than two years now. When I was in college, I also live away from home but I stayed in a boarding house with many housemates. But this time, I am working and the place I found wasn’t a boarding house but instead a room. Since then I stayed in this place till now.

The place is quite small but I prefer it this way. I like living in small space because it means I am living a simpler life. I want to purchase my own home too in my own city. I like the thought of buying my own home and living in it even if I can only go to it every weekends due to work.

Over the years, my priorities in life changes. When I was in college, I prioritize studying a lot but I wasn’t as successful in it. When I got my job, I prioritize working alot. But these days, I feel like I am prioritizing taking good care of myself.

I had taken myself for granted for so long. I didn’t enjoy the moments in my life as I should have. It compounds and now I feel that I need to take good care of myself more than ever.

Living alone can give you sense of freedom. It can teach you valuable life lessons that you wouldn’t tap into if you were with people most of your waking life. I feel so independent most of my life that I had only myself that I can rely on. Its nice feeling to feel this way. I can’t imagine myself depending on someone to do the things I can do by myself. I guess there is time for every situation. I am doing my best in this time. The time to be living alone and just minding my own life.

I can make a series of life choices to change this but I am not actively doing that. I want to enjoy every bit of the days I live alone due to my work. There are a lot of things I want to happen in my life and I need this time to plan those.

I am grateful for this time to live alone and do the things for myself.

I know I’ve been blogging randomly with no specific topics to constantly talk about. I hope you would still like to spend time reading these free flowing blogs. I will post more blogs soon.

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