Time of my life

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Life has different timelines. There will be periods of success, joys and pure happiness.

There will be time you feel like you can conquer any challenge on your way.

Just as how happy you are in these periods of your life, there will be an exact turn around.

There will come a time where you feel those discontentment in general about your life. There will be times you felt so alone even though you know there are people around you that support you in your life.

There are different emotions that can keep you from being your happy self.

You might keep repeating same mistakes. You might keep doing what you know you shouldn’t waste your time on. You actually know what’s best for your life but you keep on sabotaging your own progress over and over.

Where do you actually go from here?

Would the people who care for you be enough to lift you up from the down feeling you created for your own self? Is there a way to be the person you always wanted to be but cannot be because you always ruin your own life with unwise choices?

Would you love yourself enough to make the right choices and stick to it for life?

Would you stop talking yourself out of the dreams you once had?

There are too many questions in this lifetime. It also takes years to build yourself into someone you want to be. Music can help you set your mind on the right track. Being lost on the tunes and rhythms really helps when you have too many questions and few answers.

There was a time in my life when I know what I want for myself but then I failed to get what I want. There comes the doubt of not being enough, not doing enough and plainly thought that I don’t deserve the dream. Right now, I don’t have the straight path, been going around in circles. I don’t have the direction to go to. But then I figured, if I stay on course for about three years, maybe I will know which path to take.

Just like in keeping this blog site. I was being hot and cold in posting a blog post. At the start, I was almost publishing blogs daily. Then I didn’t keep up, I just posted once a week or once every two weeks. Then there was a time when I feel like I wouldn’t continue blogging after the one year domain.

But then, I believe I needed this blog the most. I need to stick to blogging for a span of three years no matter what happens, whether I feel like doing it or not. I am giving myself three years to grow with this blog. I only planned a one year blogging timeline but I can see that its too short of a time to actually improve myself.

I know I have to do this for my own self and also hopefully for those people who wants to read my blog. I genuinely want to connect with those who are struggling with their life and be a support system to anyone in need.

There is so much potential in every person and everyone just need to reveal those skills that they got within.

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