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Can you take a full stop and stare at the white clouds in a blue sky on a sunny day? How amazing it is to watch these bright lights from the sun? You can feel the warmth that the wind brings.

You can see the green leaves of trees swaying along with the direction of the wind. When you take a close notice of the nature, all your dreams, careers and aspirations doesn’t seem so important.

Its already a great blessing and miracle to witness how the clouds move in the sky. You can feel that you are part of nature and its wonders. The nature doesn’t care if you are the most intelligent person in the world. The nature does its own thing.

Life is a short story. You can choose the characters you want to play. You can be the good person or the bad person in your own life story. You can end up in misery or be happy with your own plot. There are a lot of details to deal with.

One day you can dream of becoming a famous person, the next day you want a simple lifestyle. You can be sure of one thing then unsure of another thing.

You can cope with the storms in your life by bending or you can cope with it through staying still. You can choose your own battles or you can just stop taking a fight.

One day you might want to be a writer. The next day you don’t want it anymore. After a few weeks, you want to be a writer once more. This is what life is, it comprises uncertainties, decisions, judgments, mixed perspective about one thing.

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