Sleeping on weekends

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I have a job that is three hour drive from my home. There are times that I won’t go home on weekends due to not wanting to be a hassle in my family members to pick me up from my boarding house to my home on Saturday and bringing me back again on a Monday.

There are sacrifices we need to take. Going home every weekend also means another expense in transportation. I only go home twice a month.

This gives me time to rest in my boarding house or other times to put in extra hours during Sundays at work.

This week I stayed in the boarding house and just rest. Friday night, I slept at 11pm then woke up at 7am the next day.

I cooked my breakfast at 8:30am, and took vitamins after eating.

I prepared lunch at 12 noon. And I slept at 1pm and woke up at 3:30pm.

I got the sleep I need. Now, I am writing on this blog.

I am grateful that I had the time to sleep on weekends. I always sleep at 1am or 2am on weekdays due to demanding work. I was able to go home at 11pm every work day for almost a month now. My health is not in a good state as I know I lack sleep on most days. Last Thursday and Friday, I go home at 8 pm as I can’t stay in the office that late anymore. I had headaches that forces me to go home at 8pm.

Until now, I had these headaches even after waking up from sleep. I need to take good care of myself more and not let the pressures of my work to get to me.

I would like to write more in this blog. As I feel that writing can be a form of self care too.

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