Two weeks of not posting or writing a blog

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The past few weeks has been extreme. Since Last Sunday I was going home from work at 11pm and I wake up to go to work before 8am.

Its the busy season at work combined with the sick leave of two of my co workers. I literally don’t have time to stop and rest long.

Today is Saturday and its a time to rest. I will also go to work on Sunday so this is the best time to write a blog.

I feel like the days went on and I woke up and its so close to ending the month of May.

As we face another month, I like to have an improved mindset about my work, finances and self.

As I have gone through sickness weeks ago, I realized that I need to take care of my overall health.

I started taking vitamins C and B. I am also putting patches on my back to ease some muscle pain from work. I also tried my best not to skip any meal. I also drink teas, and try to find inner calmness while drinking it. I also go to the clinic last week to get an eye checkup for my new eyeglasses. I had this urge to go there because of my persistent headache. After getting anew eyeglass, the headache doesn’t came back!

I changed a lot during the time of not being able to blog. I became more self reliant, independent and confident about my abilities. I know I can’t change anyone’s mind but I know now the capabilities within me.

I was also managing my personal finances. I set big goals and trying to stay consistent in achieving them. I am also focusing on saving more money instead of investing. I want to be able to invest after saving enough money for my self.

I bought groceries for myself today. I also did the laundry and I will clean my room later today. I also cooked my lunch today.

It also feels great to finally take a stop and write what I’ve been through the past weeks. It is like I had many things to talk about but doesn’t have much time to write things down. I wasn’t able to monitor my investments too. I was too busy to think about things outside work. I didn’t go home this weekend, I just stayed in the room that I am renting that is close to my workplace. I feel like I was too tired to travel to go to my home.

I’ll try to write more here. See you on my next blog posts!

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