Torn between savings and investing

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I’ve been seeing a decline in the stock market. It is a great time to invest money but then I feel like I need to save more money because the pandemic isn’t going away too soon.

There are many aspects that I need to consider. I was also thinking if I should use my money in investing and whether it will be helpful in my financial standing.

I have too many questions to answer for myself.

1. How many percent of my total money was already invested?

2. How much money was I able to save since I started working?

3. When will I turn the paper gains into actual gains?

4. Should I continue putting my money in low cost index funds and mutual funds?

5. When will I get my investments in cryptocurrency?

6. How many percent per month should I put consistently in my passbook savings account?

7. How can I save more money to be able to invest?

8. How can I learn more investing strategies that I can apply in my portfolio?

9. Should I put more money in the stock market or save all in my savings account?

10. How can I save for my emergency fund?

Its a great feeling to be able to write these questions here. I feel like too many thoughts was crowding my mind on how I can effectively manage the money that was coming into my hands.

I want to be able to reach my investment goals. I also want to accomplish my savings goals. I know time is needed to do these things and these things weren’t achieve by rushing everything. I need to be patient with myself in achieving all my financial goals.

I know that I can achieve all that I set for myself to accomplish. I need to stay consistent with my deeds and actions that can put me ahead in reaching my goals.

I also need to continuously improve my health so that I won’t encounter expenses related to medicine.

I also need to improve my spiritual health to have the added strength to face the difficulties and struggles in this life.

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