I didn’t post a blog for 5 days! I hadn’t checked any notification too.

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I had been busy with recovery from my sickness while also going to work every weekday.

The last post I published was 5 days ago!

Its a big change as I don’t check any notification from my blog.

A lot has changed. I am also slowly thanking my body each day that I can endure long work hours like I normally did in the past.

My body is still recovering and I am eating good foods to sustain the recovery process.

I bought a lot of fruits and tried not to depend on vitamins for energy levels. I tried various fruits to get the needed energy boost. I ate banana, avocado, grapes, apple and drink water with lemon.

I am hoping to write more if my time permits. I was focusing on myself these days that I don’t have time to write for others.

I am also giving myself the time to heal from the physical weakness in the past two weeks.

Everything will get better with time!

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