10 Things I Learned While Having Sickness

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I didn’t appreciate my good health when I had it.

I was working from 8am till 9pm every Monday till Friday. I didn’t appreciate the endurance I had to work with the consistent long hours. I didn’t appreciate the health I had and didn’t put enough effort to maintain it.

I need to invest in good health

I wasn’t investing enough money to buy things that could bring comfort to me and my family. I should buy good air-conditioning especially this hot season. I should also buy washing machine to be able to wash my clothes with ease.

This could be huge spending but it will help me to maintain a good health.

I haven’t been praying daily.

As I took my health for granted, the same goes with my spirituality. I didn’t pray regularly. I wasn’t even saying thanks to all the blessings I am receiving daily. My spiritual health is weak and now my physical health is being at its low point too.

I can start living in my own home.

As I fear that I might spread my sickness to other family members, I chose to sleep in our another house.

My parents have 3 houses. My sister lives in one house, my parents in another house and with spare house left that no one is using, this is where I chose to sleep this weekend.

My parents were worried about me if I will sleep this weekend in the boarding house I am renting that is close to my workplace. This is why I still go home this weekend even though I still feel sick.

Staying in our third house helped me realize that I can start living in my own house.

When the time came that I recover from this sickness, I will opt to stay sleeping in this house every weekend.

I love my work.

As I am sick, I can choose to use my leave credits at work. But I didn’t. I don’t want to go on leave because I would like to work. I had many things to do at work and as long as I can do it, I will do it.

I am blessed to be able to eat good food.

The prices of fruits, vegetables, and pork are high. Being able to buy these in the market is already a great blessing!

I need good food to be able to recover from the sickness in my physical body. I am grateful for everything that I have in my life.

Health is as important as financial wealth.

As we aim for financial wealth, we shouldn’t forget about taking steps to aim for good health. It is important to have financial wealth as you need it to buy foods especially when you are sick.

Sleep is important to recover.

I should sleep whenever I can. I should manage my time well to be able to sleep on time.

Having a good sleep is needed especially if you have to work everyday for long hours.

I also need to sleep after taking medicine so that it will work.

Be grateful if you don’t have any headache.

I had a series of bad headaches and not having one is already something to be thankful for.

Make your health a priority.

In my decisions in life, I don’t put my health as my priority and that will surely change now.

Buying foods that are nutritious should be my priority. I will also sleep early. I will take significant steps to improve my overall health.

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