Drinking Lemon Juice for Fever

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I haven’t been well in the past three days.

I was going home earlier compared to my colleagues.

I usually go home at 9pm but because of the weakness and sickness I went home at 6pm today.

My fever was ranging from 37.1-37.6°C

My coworkers have cough and sore throat too. One of my coworker had headache and didn’t go to work today.

Generally everybody around me is not feeling well. I am also sick with body pains.

I put two patches in my body. One in the neck and the other in the lower portion of my back.

I almost used half of a tissue roll for my colds. I also can’t speak a lot because I have this sore throat.

I bought some grapes and lemon in the market. I ate some grapes before taking another antibiotic. I also slice the lemon and combined it with warm water.

I feel so weak and I am barely moving as I feel pain all over my body.

I drink some energy drink earlier that’s why I think I was able to work from 8am till 6pm. I don’t know if I will still feel this way tomorrow.

Hopefully, my energy level will be back to normal. I am praying that the sore throat will be gone. I also feel uncomfortable with the persistent coughing.

I will continue with the medications especially my fever isn’t fully gone.

I will also try to sleep more and not worry about anything.

Update on the blog:

I bought a new phone! Its a low price phone but this is the one I will permanently use for blogging.

I don’t feel at ease if I don’t have a phone set aside just for blogging so I really bought a phone!

I am grateful that I made this purchase because its something that I need to have.

I feel like there is space for me to write because this is the phone intended for that.

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