Exercise like your life depends on it

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I’ve been taking my morning walks before going to work since Tuesday. I feel the need to do this daily as I am working long hours. I find that walking gives me time for myself to think, feel and live.

I feel great after every run. I am grateful that my body is responding positively to my morning routine.

I am consistently taking my morning walks since Tuesday Morning till Sunday Morning.

I take Mondays as off day from walking as I took two hours in the morning to travel from my home to my workplace.

As the new week start, I plan to follow my sleep schedule and wake up as early as I can. Sleeping is essential to be able to follow my exercise routine.

Last Sunday, I wasn’t jogging alot but instead I brisk walk under the sun. The warmth of the sun gives me the energy at the start of my day. I ate good meals and took a nap in between.

I had a great time this weekend as I took a walk in the morning and spend time with my family.

Exercising became a part of my daily life and I plan to continue taking these 45 minute walk each morning. It will be a challenge if the weather isn’t sunny or when it will be a rainy day.

If that happens, I will take my morning walk indoors while preparing myself some breakfast.

With all the crisis happening all over the world, I found myself clinging to exercise to cope with the changes in our life.

Dark clouds may cover the sky, but with the light that exercising brings in my life, I know that I can get through the tough times.

I continue my exercise routine as I want to get the advantages of consistent morning walks.

I can see progress in my physical body too. My legs are building muscles and productivity is better.

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