Drinking Red Wine

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I love drinking juice in each meal. It can be orange, coconut or pineapple juice.

In my breakfast, I drink milk. In the afternoon I drink chocolate drinks.

When I am recovering from sickness, I drink energy drinks.

There are alot of drinks and beverages to choose from.

I drink red wine twice every three months.

I like eating chips while drinking wine. The bitter taste of the wine brings in a new flavor each time. I also love putting ice on the red wine as I want the coolness and it’s taste to blend.

The saltiness of the chips automatically erases the initial bitter taste from the wine.

I also don’t drink on weekdays, the seldom frequency of drinking is at Saturday or Sunday night.

I also like eating salad while drinking Red wine. The fruit salad is perfect to taste.

Update on the blog

I wasn’t blogging for the past two days! It’s a long time for me not to blog in those two consecutive days.

It’s also 2 months of having this blog! It’s great to celebrate every 25th of the month. I was so consumed with walking each morning that I didn’t noticed that 25th day was last Tuesday.

I also follow my sleeping routine that is why I blog lesser than what I did in the past weeks.

I prioritize my fitness and health since Monday. I am consistently walking in the morning for 5 consecutive days now. I am also waking up as early as 5am for 6 consecutive days now. I also improve my sleep schedule as I sleep at 10pm each night.

I am grateful that I made the steps I need to take since Monday. There are alot to improve in my daily life but I will take things slowly and improve in each area each day.

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