Blogging and Sleep


Last night I came home at 9pm. I took a phone call with my family till 9:30am. Then I go to bed at 10pm. I didn’t fell asleep until 10:45pm.

I was tempted to blog last night but I think about my sleep schedule. I want to continue taking a walk before going to work or as soon as I wake up.

I woke up at 3:29am. I feel that I don’t want to get up that early as I fell asleep before 11pm. I stayed in bed and thankfully my body clock works! I feel asleep again then woke up at 4:59 am. That is one minute before my alarm.

At 5am, one of my client at work contacted me about requirements needed to be submitted. I replied while also preparing myself to go outside.

I put on a jacket, jogging pants, facemasks and running shoes.

I took a different path compared to yesterday. I also didn’t bring or wear headphones as I want to walk without listening to any audios for the day.

I observed alot of things while walking because I didn’t wear headphones! I wasn’t using my phone either.

It’s alot freeing to walk and observe the closed stores as it is as early as 5:30am.

I also became more aware of my body movements as I walk. Even though I sweat alot due to walking and jogging, it won’t affect my weight gain as I am building up muscles.

I also saw an open store and bought spaghetti and ate once I am at home. I also ate some biscuit, banana and drink milk.

I was blogging mostly at midnight but when I tried to go to sleep at 10pm I find myself blogging after eating breakfast. I am blogging at 6:15am till 6:45am.

I also need to prepare for work and blogging in less than an hour is a welcome change!

I may not post a long well thought blog post but I feel that I am writing an engaging post. I am just sharing my experiences here as I change my lifestyle little by little.

Before sleeping I still read a book for 5 minutes and it’s the big game changer. I feel at ease everytime I do that. When I open my eyes in the morning, I get up and doesn’t wait for the alarm. We all have this power to change our life.

The progress may not be instant but there is always a ripple effect. As I sleep at 10pm, I was able to wake up at 5am effortlessly! The effort that I put was on sleeping on time.

As I walk outside, I can enjoy the day and also benefit from the energy boost of putting my body in motion.

If you want to change your life, take one good habit and watch it affect different areas of your life.

If I want to blog, I need to sleep early and wake up early. I can be more inspired if I had the enough sleep and exercise that my body needed.

I watched YouTube videos about money in the morning. Currently, I wasn’t reading a book related to finance. I found that listening to these YouTube videos had the good effect on my finances.

Watching other people who had good practices on handling their finances inspire me to do the same.

I hope that you will also take those small steps each day to improve your overall well being! Have a great day!

5 comments on “Blogging and Sleep”

  1. Oh yeah, the snowball effect is real. I too try to build something off my morning routine of waking up early and exercising. I find that if that happens, then my day goes better, and if it doesn’t, it all goes to crap. Here’s to staying consistent!

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